Meet MetaTrader 4 to Forex Tester 4 Converter: make use of MetaTrader indicators in Forex Tester 4 [in a couple of clicks!]

Have you ever regretted you couldn’t use a custom indicator or EA while backtesting? We are happy to announce the development of the tool that will change the entire backtesting process - our MetaTrader 4 to Forex Tester 4 Converter!

How will it work?

The idea behind this tool is powerful: with the help of this program, you will be able to convert your favorite MT4 indicators from the .mq4 format to the .dll format suitable for the Forex Tester program.

The Converter will be integrated into the Forex Tester 4 software, so no additional installations or payments are needed: you simply upload your indicator the .mq4 format into the Forex Tester, wait a couple of minutes and get your ready-to-use indicator in .dll format suitable for Forex Tester.

Help us to make Converter more effective!

The MT4 to FT4 Converter is currently under development and you can contribute to our main goal – release this effective tool faster and with wider range of features!

All you need is to send us the indicators you use most of the time so that we can determine the priority of each one of them. This would save a bit of our time while testing and refining our program and, as the result, we would be able to provide you with the top indicators in the needed format as soon as possible.

If you are interested, please send your best indicators to We will be truly grateful if you specify the subject of your letter (e.g. Indicators).

How your indicators can help us?

Let’s say your send the indicator that contains only 2 functions: iMA, iMAOnArray.

In the case if these functions were already implemented in our Converter, we will convert the file for you, so you will get the .dll format file absolutely free.

Another example: your indicator’s file contains more complex functions, for example, iMA, iMAOnArray, iStochastic, and iStochastiс function wasn’t implemented in the Converter yet.

In this case, we will collect statistics from all users, draw up a table of the most requested functions and begin to implement the most frequent first.

If it turns out that your indicator is not working correctly, we will eliminate the bug in the Converter for free, and you can get a correctly functioning file.

We will also keep you updated on the progress in functions regarding your indicator / strategy. As soon as the Converter will be able to convert your file, we will immediately notify you about it.

Please note: that all the features that will be required to convert your indicators will be added to the Converter.

Benefit for you

If the indicator sent by you turn to be a good one and we decide to convert it in our program, you will get a special discount on the upgrade to Forex Tester 4, full of new features.


We do care about our users’ privacy. So don’t be afraid that your indicators will appear on open access or will be transmitted to other people.

Discover a wider range of technical analysis instruments with the help of the our MetaTrader 4 to Forex Tester 4 Converter – no coding, no additional efforts required, easy as it is and affordable for the trader of any level!

Additional opportunities for traders

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