The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Over two weeks have passed since, on February 24th, Russia attacked Ukraine with missile strikes.

The war has reached almost every corner of Ukraine, many cities have been constantly bombed and shelled by Russian forces, including Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Mariupol.

The captive invaders state their unawareness of the so-called special operation prior to the invasion. Though, this alleged unawareness doesn’t prevent their colleagues from killing peaceful citizens of Ukraine. As of May 18th, more than 2000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed under missile attacks and airstrikes. More than 70 of them were children.

Although Russia failed to capture Ukraine quickly, as intended, it now tries to deal as much damage and suffering as it can. The invaders have captured two nuclear power plants of Zaporizhzhya and Chernobyl, starting a fire at the former and threatening to destroy the latter. These actions may lead to a technogenic catastrophe of global magnitude.

Many countries have issued sanctions against Russia but Russian propaganda assures its fellow citizens that this will barely affect their everyday life and the national economy. The Russian government is still demanding a capitulation from Ukraine, showing no intentions of taking their troops back. Moreover, under their commandment, the invaders are shelling schools, hospitals, kindergartens with one of the most recent and blatant cases being the bombing of a maternity home in the city of Mariupol as a result of which 17 people were injured, including preparing-to-be mothers.

At the moment, the people of Ukraine are doing their best to deflect the offense on many frontlines: military, informational, and, not less important, humanitarian. Cities are cut off from food and medical distribution. People from over the world provide their support for Ukraine in these terrible times.

141 countries officially showed their support for Ukraine, with 35 abstaining and only 5 opposing (the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, DPRK, Syria, and Eritrea). Even Switzerland, which had been remaining a neutral state, acknowledged the military aggression from Russia towards Ukraine.

You can help too! We have gathered the list of official organizations that direct money towards military and humanitarian aid. Any contribution will help the brave Ukrainian army and war-affected civilian people.

Send money to any of these organizations and you will do your part in returning peace to Ukraine and extinguishing the evil as it should be:

If you have no option to provide monetary aid, please spread this message further. Together we can stop the terror!