Software that opens trades in a second with one click

Only usable features
  • Open market orders (Buy, Sell) with one click
  • Open pending orders (Buy stop, Buy limit, Sell stop, Sell limit) with one click
  • Autocalculating lot by risk value
  • Use several predefined order templates with different symbols, lots or stop levels
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit in pips and by price (with visual lines)
  • Stop Loss, Take Profit or entry price visual lines move on different timeframes simultaneously
  • Close an order with one click
  • Close all orders with one click
  • Compact view of the orders list
  • Colored list of orders
  • Move the ForexSpeedUp window to Excel
  • Move the ForexSpeedUp window to other trading platform (not MetaTrader 4 and Forex Tester)

How it looks in action

Predefined Stop Loss & Take Profit values for instant entries

The trading systems that involve fixed values of Stop Loss & Take Profit could be used even faster if you define these values beforehand.

Risk management calculator for reasonable traders

Forex Speed Up will calculate the lot based on the current circumstances so you could concentrate on the
decision-making and not the boring calculations


  • Risk = 2%
  • Deposit = $9883
  • Stop Loss = 500 points (50 pips)
  • Lot = Deposit * Risk / Stop Loss

Lot = $9883 * 2% / 50 pips = 0.395 → 0.4

You just set how much you are willing to risk in one trade and the software will take care of your money management. If you lose or win in a trade then the next trade’s lot size will be modified accordingly

With any version of Forex Tester
Forex Tester 3: trading simulator for beginners and professionals
Meta Trader 4

Note: Demo version allows open new orders only if you have less than 2 market and pending orders for the moment.
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Download for Meta Trader 4
How it used to be in Forex Tester
  1. You click on the “Place new order” button
  2. Calculate the safe lot size
    • Think of the appropriate risk percentage
    • Check your equity level
    • Think of the appropriate size for the stop loss
    • Do the math
  3. Set the calculated lot size
  4. Set the stop loss using a dropper
  5. Set the take profit using a dropdown menu
  6. Click “Sell” or “Buy”

All this process takes about 10 seconds and feels more and more boring after each open trade.

In addition, 500 trades * 10 seconds = 83 minutes. Quite a lot of time and efforts for such an action, don’t you think so?

And if you prefer to get a more solid result (like 2,000 trades) then you will need to spend a few evenings for this routing work.

Moreover, if you discover that the entire strategy is not working – you need to start everything anew.

We are sure that you have some other more exciting things to do.


Submit your feedback in our forum below. Thanks for your input!

How to use “ForexSpeedUp”
  1. Please download the latest version of ForexSpeedUp by the link below:
  2. Run ForexSpeedUp_FT_Setup.exe
  3. Choose a folder and click “Install”.
  4. After the end of the installation click on the "Close" button.
  5. When you run the program for the first time you will see next window:

    Please describe how did you know about us and our program. It is very important for us.

    If you don't want to share this information, then press “Skip”.
    After that, the program performs its first run, and depending on your system, it can take up to 1 minute.

  6. Please specify your Forex Tester version for work.
  7. After that, click “Continue”.
  8. When the program is launched, you will see the main window of program:
  9. Now you can start working with program!
    Also, you can configure some other options:
    - If you turn on “Always On Top” mode then the program will be shown "above" all other windows even when it does not have focus. - You can easily change the opacity of the window with the “Opacity” slidebar. - With the help or "Show orders" checkbox you can set if you want to see the list of orders in a compact view: Important: you can only see the list of orders if your terminal is running at the moment and some orders are opened.
  10. The basic parameters are already set up. Click the "Save" button and the program will redirect you to the main window. You can drag program's window to any position on your screen, just grab the window at any point (except buttons and text boxes) and carry it to the desired place.
  11. If you need to close the program or adjust settings then please right click at any point of the program's window and choose an appropriate item from the context menu.
  12. To add a new “settings block” press “New pair” button. In opened window You can choose either a market order or a pending order These settings allow:
    To select the way how SL and TP will be set (“pips” or “exact price” options) If you pick the “pips” option, then while placing SL and TP, the program will use the blocks, in which values will be displayed in pips with the help of the counter. If you will pick the “exact price” option, then while placing SL and TP, the program will use the blocks, in which the price should be entered in exact value. There is an option that allows setting a fixed lot

    or the lot that will be calculated as a risk percentage
    Set up the required settings and click the “Add the order shortcut” button.
  13. To change the currency of the block, double-click on its name, type a new name and press “Set Currency”
  14. TTo change the lot size of the new order you need to click on the up/down arrows. This will alter the value at 0.01 per each click The lot size can be entered manually with the help of the keyboard as well.
  15. If StopLoss or TakeProfit is empty or equal to zero, then new order will be opened without StopLoss or TakeProfit levels.
  16. To open a new order just press "BUY" or "SELL" button, if your Forex Tester is not launched then ForexSpeedUp will launch it to open the order. Please make sure that Strategies are enabled and your test is working (you can see moving price).

    To delete any setting block it is required to click on the button to the left.

    • The program has the compact list of the opened orders.
    • First column shows the alias (short name) of the symbol (You can change the aliases in settings windows, on the “Aliases” tab).
    • Second column shows number of the order.
    • Third column shows lot of the order.
    • Fourth column shows StopLoss of the order.
    • Fifth column shows TakeProfit of the order.
    • Sixth column shows open time (also in tooltip you can see date) of the order.
    • Seventh column shows current profit of the order.
    • Eighth column contains the button, which allows to close this order.
    Important: If your order is long (buy) then order's row is shown in aquamarine, if the order is short (sell) then the row will have pink color.